Launches of Notes for the Translators in Wagga Wagga, Sydney, and Newcastle (2013-7-4, 8, 15)

Launch of Notes for the Translators in Wagga Wagga

Date 4 July 2013
Time 1pm
Venue Charles Sturt University — ASAL Conference, Wagga Wagga
Participants Kit Kelen, Jill Jones, Corey Wakeling, Toby Fitch, Andrew Burke, Michael Farrell

Launch of Notes for the Translators in Sydney

Date 8 July 2013
Time 7pm
Venue Friend in Hand pub (upstairs) – 58 Cowper St Glebe, Sydney
Participants Kit Kelen, Joanne Burns, Anna Couani, Brook Emery, Richard Tipping, Eileen Chong, Beth Spencer, Andy Kissane, Richard James Allen, Cecilia White, David Musgrave, Alex Skovron, Alan Wearne, Toby Fitch, Pam Brown, Claine Kelly, Billy Marshall-Stoneking, Rae Desmond Jones, Mark Roberts, Margaret Bradstock

Launch of Notes for the Translators in Newcastle

Date 15 July 2013
Time 7pm
Venue Theatre Lane Hotel 189 Hunter Street Newcastle (at the western end of Hunter Street Mall), Newcastle
Participants Kit Kelen, David Musgrave, Jean Kent, Beth Spencer, Jan Dean, Brian Purcell, Mark Tredinnick


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