Picture of Nothing at All: The Art and Poetry of Kit Kelen


TitlePicture of Nothing at All: The Art and Poetry of Kit Kelen
Editor(s)Kit Kelen
Translator(s)Chrysogonous Siddha Malilang, Beatrice Machet, Iris Fan Xing, Andreia Sarabando
Language(s)English, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Indonesian
IntroductionPictures of Nothing at All is a playful cross-media and cross-cultural meditation on the idea of abstraction. Falling into this work you find yourself travelling across a contradiction – pictures being of ‘nothing at all’ cannot strictly represent anything, while words (in every language) cannot help but represent, no matter how simple or abstract or archetypal they seem to be. In this exhibition cum book, words and pictures make new and unexpected meanings. The poem dissolves into a picture. The picture suggests a story. You have to make your own journey here. You have to be lost to find a way. If you take the time required to get yourself lost, you will find that the mind maze you’re in is something you have made yourself, in cooperation with Kit Kelen. Welcome then to a collaboration in meaning, in seeing, in dreaming. It’s a collaboration you won’t avoid if you accept this one artist’s invitation to step into the work.

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