The Only True Eye

Title 書名The Only True Eye
Author(s) 作者Papa Osmubal
Translator(s) 譯者
Language(s) 語言English 英
Pages 頁數108
Price 售價MOP80/HKD80/USD10
Introduction 簡介One of Macau’s most popular landmarks is the ‘Guia Lighthouse’— Macau’s only true eye, because it was and still is the authentic witness to the city’s history. It is a neglected piece of history. And yet it does its roll better by being not noticed by the people. The Guia Lighthouse of Macau is the inspiration of the book The Only True Eye. When I was writing the pieces in the book I was the ‘Guia Lighthouse’, its light was my sight. I was looking around, at things, at the people, and I was penetrating in them, made whatever is inside them visible and tangible, hence understandable and acceptable. It was a omnipotent sight. It made me look into the very anatomy of the brains of gods. It made me get inside dreams and travel in whatever vast and ungraspable landscapes they hold and offer. What I saw in those landscapes are premiums to bards like me who insist in believing that we can be in the world where we can breathe the air not polluted by human intelligence. The Only True Eye reconciles myths and reality, it reveals whatever is real in surreal, and whatever is surreal in real.    — Papa Osmubal

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